Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I was never born / I'm from seventy-five / smokin' some oort cloud

obligatory insomniacal apologetic post for not posting more frequently or recently even.
headed to SXSW tomorrow morning to jam out at INC showcase
on the radio right now is THE WORST morning program ever, birthed from FOX/GOP propaganda commode 960AM WERC, The Steve and Leah show. a bloated, cackling celebration of ignorance in the tradition of everything misinformed, heavily braindrugged, unresourceful and xenophobic. any chance you get please send a note to the radio station and remind the management of the complete uselessness of this waste of airspace. hooray for hate radio!
on a more creative and positive frequency, here's a last minute cataloging of the sounds i've been absorbing lately:
Manfred Mann "My Little Red Book of Hits" and "Chapter 3"
1970's Proto-Rai Underground
Nihilist Assault Group "Silent Movie"
Indian Music of the Upper Amazon
those Dreamhouse LPs
Panorama of Musique Concrete
Kenny Robinson "Whoever Said Justice Has to be Fair?"
Sir Douglas Quintet
Travis Wammack
Yusef Lateef  "The Centaur and the Phoenix"
Volcan des Gonaives "La Vie a Chavire"
Jack Fascinato "Music from a Surplus Store"
Jon Hassell "Earthquake Island"
Bo Hansson "Lord of the Rings"
Luciano Berio
Royal Trux "Twin Infinitives" reissue
Rodd Keith, Gene Marshall and song poems in general
Nervous Norvus "Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds of..."
Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson "Winter in America"
Charlie Patton
Booker Little "Out Front"
Abner Jay
Fresh & Onlys
The Corndawg
Sun Ra & His Cosmo Jetset Love Adventure "Live @ The Nick, Birmingham, AL 08-23-88
Vernon Wray "Wasted"
Marvin Rainwater
that Emeralds Hanson CD
Timi Yuro
Ed Sanders "Truckstop"
Daniela Casa "Societa Malata"
Daphne Oram "Oramics"
Madvillain "Madvillainy"
Secret Museum of Mankind

see you soon