Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brie and Butter and Bye

Below is my word-blather write-up pot shot habnab for Jasper Just-Ice'ses Cool Youth Mega Kill art show I think he had a year or so ago here in Birmingham. i have no idea if it ever made it to press. there is a form..

Cremating mistakes, you know
casts my youth keeks,
clogs monotony, yokes know-it-alls'
certainty much yabber, knits
chance margaric yoni koans!

Consider moonlight: yare kludge
chicanery might you kow-tow
cislunarly! Moreso, yes, kink
coagulates mercilessly yakking kelpen
come, messengering yolks karstward,
congratulatorily marqueed yabyum knurl!

Clangor maestros yahoos' kneeling —
"Courageous Melee Yields Kleinbottler!"

Can me, you know,
coefficient multimediaspora yegg katzenjammer,
clobber mediocrity yashmak klansmanship?
'Course! Mosdefnitly! Yeppers! King-Kong-Kitchie-Kitchie-Ki-Me-O
clandestine marshmallowghost ylem kisser!

Cloudbursts molt yodels, keelhauling:

1 comment:

Jasper Justice said...

yeah its gonna be published in hard copy sometime before 2012, ....most likey the day before the youth really do kill e'erybody