Monday, April 9, 2007

(I shouldn't have to) punch) the vampire hologram

I think the first thing I heard on the radio this morning was a story about recovery of U.S. soldiers' bones from the Korean War. I guess war is almost always capitalized. Almost like domestic cuttlefish behavior analysis while lots of people starve. That seems like a paranoid analogy, but in lieu of the current jet stream, I'd rather be an obscure thief than a famous fool.
UPDATE. I can't recall the actual date of this blog but if you're that interested and a hardbuff for current events, well, then, make the moves.
SOoooooooo, the course of the blog has taken a turn for the obvious as I transmogrify the intent toward a more relevant. Please wait here while I record Rodger and his new folk ditty, "I'm constantly hungry for strange," a so-called pussy-ballad refrained from the ancient in retrospect from Rodger's perspective from the wad-end of "That Town."
Like, how do I did it? Next up, more lies..

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