Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's more than just a floor

Them Natives "Chemtrail of Tears" (Christian Science Fiction) Tour Spring 2007 spurted off east Wednesday. Enhance your ministry immediately! HOLD THESE GODDAMNED CHICKENS! Whew. I need a cart.
Anyway, post no bonds for the upcoming new edition. No one wants to know! Wait, I'm receiving some information. Yes! This photo courtesy of an experiment, or at least for the sake of publicizing my random internet curiosity satiation, this blog, and perhaps the following posts, may resemble the random Google image search. Set your preferences for NO filtering and type in "kuvy" and check out page 2. Anyway, the salsa I made tonight was way different than the last batch I made about a week ago, and this time I neglected to use the way-too-expensive cardboard-like "fresh" tomatoes in favor of the organic tomato sauce I bought for 50¢ at Big Lots. Let me post this and then figure out what in the filbert is going on. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORIS!!!!!! I love you.

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