Friday, May 4, 2007

Privileged Underground!

SO yeah the data is slowwwwwly streaming in, not that far off from expectation in the information age. Half the time I really don't know what is being typed here, but it's also difficult to refuse myself the opportunity to blast forth semi-anonymously from Birmingham, AL, as if that geographical admittance should warrant some recognition while I prepare to be fired from yet another job for no reason.
The image to the right was inspired by this search for yet another random image to draw attention to an otherwise and seemingly aimless blog. Please bear with me as I'm very wet behind the ears, for lack of a more corruptive cliché. I wish, at this moment, I knew what the Stuckey's is going on with it. Okay, wait. The more I read on this site, the more I realize how incredible this particular show is, especially with reference to its influence on modern art. Where am I? Wait, maybe I'll devote the next blog to this show, depending upon my attention span and the time it takes for me to realize exactly how important this stuff is.
Hody Cdap!

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