Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What dissonance don't squirt, if not just a little?

According to my "broken glass hiccupping behind my cheek" sinuses, cheap cabernet sauvignon, among other cheap red, not to mention white, wines, has lots of histamines.
Here's two non-english links chanced upon, utilizing the "mittenmash" style of keyboard implementation, in Google image search for "d4a" as I close the blinds and sit on my own face in the lathering twilight wondering why I'm not listening to any records as I wander in the rowboat of Cort Johnson.

Since I don't have any records by Cort Johnson, and my good compatriot Matthew Huck is the only person I know personally who has a copy of either of the two LPs available by this mysterious and crazed brain, and he, Matthew, is currently on tour with Them Natives (see previous post), I am pretty much stuck with nothing to work with. And now that I am getting obviously sidetracked, observe the web presence of these rollickers before I initiate my gab about the WEIRD world of Autry Inman, soon to come..


LilBlogger said...

Did you know that I searched the term "mittenmash" just in case I was completely out of the loop. I google seached it, or to be more contemporary I "googled" the term, which if you've forgotten by now is "mittenmash," and what I found was only ONE (1) result and that very result was a link to the same blog entry that I had just read. You know...your fucking entry. So what I'm saying is that you own your very own piece of the internet. Carry on!

PS I'm watching a LMN movie about the 1800s or something with Jena Malone in it and right now she's talking to a prostitute (blonde) it's weird...I don't know. Glenn Close is ugly...

Eduardito Dinero said...

i don't know who you are "lilblogger" though i probably do in reality-life, and you obviously have EXCELLENT taste, and, you know, if great people like you stay tuned, and i can like really get my head out of my ass, then you'll see some PRIME FUCKING VIRTUAL REALity ESTATE cropping up on this blog. Who is this "Bastard out of Carolina?" Oh wait, now I know what LMN stands for!